It’s pleasure to launch our new website to increase the transparency and to communicate with all citizens and stakeholders, and to unify the governmental website ( look and feel).

It’s  a channel to publish all news related to and to publish all new projects and program.

The Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) Jordan, was historically known as the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MoICT). The name was changed in mid-2019 to reflect the role of the ministry as it includes more functions. It signifies how Jordan envisions the future of its ICT industry as it incorporates the wider digital economy and becomes more invested in entrepreneurship.


The Ministry has been, and will continue to, empower the citizens and residents of Jordan in their digital journey across sectors and industries.

MoDEE has been working on the digital transformation of service delivery to citizens and businesses by focusing on activities designed to improve access to and quality of selected digital government services and related digital transactions.

MoDEE is catalyzing the digital transformation in Jordan. The enabling pillars for this transformation include Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital SkillsDigital Services, Digital Infrastructure, Digital Enablers and Strategic Projectswith the support of digital transformation policies, such as Open APIs, Data Classification and other enabling policies.

Technology is an enabler to all sectors and allows scalability for both businesses and social enterprises.Therefore, MoDEE is keen on nurturing Jordan’s entrepreneurial spirit through supporting startups, SMEs and larger enterprises which are a crucial part of this journey as they are the facilitators that help to manifest our economic growth.

MoDEE supports entrepreneurship by also working with the ecosystem to regulate social enterprises to ensure alignment and provide support, where needed, in order to fulfill our commitment to the SDGs. MoDEE is working with other government institutions and the private sector to overcome the challenges faced by entrepreneurs including, access to markets, access to funding, regulatory challenges and access to talents.





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