Temporary Employment Opportunities Incentive

1.    About the Temporary Opportunities Incentive

1.1    Incentive Objective
The Temporary Employment Opportunities Incentive aims to stimulate job creation by supporting the growth and hiring plans of the digital firms, startups, NGOs by covering part of the new hires' monthly salaries. The Big 20 is designed to:
●    Support the growth and hiring plans of digital firms, startups, NGOs, and government entities
●    Support on-job training for recent graduates
●    Incentivize employment outside Amman
●    Increase female participation in the labor market
1.2    Incentive Details
Amount: The Subsidy Incentive will cover up to 50% of the new employee monthly salary including the company/organization’s share in the social security corporation for the new employees (400 JDs is the ceiling for the employee monthly salary) and for a maximum period of 6 months.
Incentive Duration: Till December 31, 2021 (for clarification: if the applicant company/organization was contracted by MoDEE on September 1, 2021, the maximum period for the salaries subsides is 4 months)
Criteria of the eligible employee
    Education Qualification: University graduate, Diploma holder
    Graduation Date: At least three years ago 
    Employment Status: Unemployed for the past three consecutive months
    Social Security: Not registered for the past three consecutive months
Criteria of the eligible private sector company
    Digital firm or startup (entrepreneurial project)
    Large or medium firms that are planning to hire IT graduates
    Provide on the job training for new employees
    Willing to register the newly hired employees in Social Security 
    Willing to sign written contracts with the employees specifying terms and conditions of employment.

Reimbursement Conditions
The awarded entity will be reimbursed for the employment salary subsidies on a monthly basis through MoDEE and after checking the social security records; hence, the awarded entity will need to register all new employees at the Social Security Corporation. Under no circumstances shall the salary subsidy exceed the period of six continuous months of employment for any employee
The awarded entity will have to cover the remaining percentage of the newly hired employees’ salaries. MoDEE will also contribute to the company’s share of social security for the new employees. The newly hired employees cannot be causing the displacing or layoffs of existing employees. 
The awarded entities must sign written contracts with the new employees specifying terms and conditions of employment.

2.    Application Submission and Administration

Interested entities should apply through the online application form at for companies / orgnizations . The applying entity through this website link. Applicants can apply in Arabic or English. 

The applications will be evaluated by an evaluation committee, and then contract those entities that fulfil the requirements.

for graduates 

click here 

3.    Disclaimers
●    Applicants will not be reimbursed for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of an application.  All preparation and submission costs are at the applicant's expense.
●    Issuance of this employment subsidy opportunity does not constitute an award commitment on the part of MODEE.
●    MODEE reserves the right to independently negotiate with any applicant, or to make an award without conducting discussions based solely on the written applications if it decides it is in its best interest to do so.  
●    MODEE reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications received.
●    MODEE may cancel the RFA and not award.
●    MODEE may reject any or all applications received.
●    MODEE reserves the right to disqualify any application based on the applicant failure to follow RFA instructions.
●    MODEE may choose to award only part of the amount requested or issue multiple awards based on the hiring plan.
●    MODEE reserves the right to waive minor application deficiencies that can be corrected before award determination to promote competition.
●    These Instructions to applicants will not form part of the application or the award agreement. They are intended solely to aid applicants in the preparation of their applications.
●    An applicant may not submit more than one application under this employment subsidy opportunity at the same time.
●    All employment agreements signed should comply with the Jordanian Labor Law.
●    All workers shall have written contracts specifying terms and conditions of employment.

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