Information technology in Jordan

Information technology in Jordan, a smart step into the future

Jordan has succeeded in creating and developing a highly competitive ICT sector – a pioneering sector in the MENA region – and currently serves larger regional markets in the age of technology and innovation and contributes significantly to the county’s increasing globalization.

Key Indicators:
  • Total IT Revenue (2018) USD 2.3 billion; 5% increase compared to 2017
  • ICT Jobs Offered (2018) 22,413 67% males, 33% females
  • IT sector growth (2018) 4-year CAGR 11.64%: revenue increased by around USD 300 million between 2014-2018.
  • Total IT Revenue (2018) USD 2.3 billion; 5% increase compared to 2017
  • 85% Mobile Penetration rate -2018
  • 88.8% Internet Penetration rate-2018• 88.8% Internet Penetration rate-2018
Tech Clustered Areas
  • King Hussein Business Park : a high-quality mixed-use landmark complex in Amman housing over 75 international and local companies mostly within the ICT sector, with over 100 startups and employing over 4,000 people.
  • Irbid Development Area is a 2 square kilometers development area ideally suited for IT/outsourcing, Health Care, Professional Services, Middle & Back Offices, and Research and Development.
  • Abdali is the capital’s new central business district and offers 330,000 SQM of multi-functional office space able to accommodate a variety of needs.
Tech Clustered Areas
  • 0% Sales Tax on IT services
  • 0% Customs Duties *
  • 0% Exports Income Tax
  • 5% Income Tax for Profits Generated in Jordan
  • Ceiling Interest Rate for IT-Related Soft Loans From Commercial Banks
  • New Secured Lending Law Moveable Assets such as Intellectual Property can be used as collateral

On stipulated goods necessary for undertaking the IT activities (such as Servicers, screens, printers and like electronic products)

Examples of US Players in Jordan:

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