Digital Skills & Entrepreneurship

Digital Skills & Entrepreneurship talents in Jordan :
Where IT all starts:
  • Modern Educational System – Jordan has set a regional example in modernizing and developing its educational system. Multiple public-private initiatives launched to ensure that the outputs of the educational system meet the evolving demands of the global economy and that students are equipped with the tools to compete and excel in the market place.
  • IT in Education – initiatives focus on accelerating Jordan's transition into a digital economy and integrating technology into public schools by equipping both students and teachers with IT and digital skills.
  • 98.2% Literacy Rate (2018)
ICT University Graduates:
  • Jordan has 29 Private and Public Universities (all of which are bilingual)
  • 20% of 2017/2018 Bachelor's Degree Graduates are with Engineering, IT, and Mathematics majors
  • ICT Graduates– on yearly basis; on average of 4.3 thousand ICT university students graduates from universities with 95% BA degrees, 3% masters degrees, and 2%deploma degree.
  • 51% of ICT yearly graduates are females.
  • In 2018, ICT university graduates have specialized in the following majors as per the below %:
  • 31% Computer science
  • 19% Computer Information Systems
  • 17% Software Engineering
  • 13% Computer Engineering
  • 9% Telecommunications Engineering
  • 4% Network security Engineering
  • 2% Commuter Networks
  • 5% Other
  • Upskilling initiative: to enhance the quality of universities graduates, the government has supported to train 500 graduates in 2019, trained in a 3 months bootcamp focusing on the technical, soft and English language skills required by the market.
  • According to the INSEAD report, Jordan’s rank was # 61 in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (2019), in comparison to Egypt, which ranks number 97.
  • In 2018 World Digital competiveness, Jordan claimed 11spots, landing on the 45th place globally (IMD)
  • Jordanian Graduates speak both Arabic and English languages in neutral accents.
Entrepreneurship - talents
  • Jordan’s population represents 3% of the MENA region while representing over 23% of MENA’s Tech entrepreneurs.(WEF)
  • Jordan has moved 7 ranks forward from 56 to 49 in the Global Entrepreneurship Index, now at rank 49 out of 137 countries.
  • Jordan has an excellent experience in Business Process Outsourcing, where the companies in Jordan are serving the gulf countries and other countries, and when it comes to call centers, the Jordanian accent is preferred.
  • Jordan contributes to 75% of the Arabic content on the Internet (source: Country commercial guide for US companies)

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