About Jordan

About Jordan: An Oasis of Tranquility and A Gateway to the MENA and Beyond

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is strategically positioned at the convergence of Asia, Africa and Europe, and is bordered by Syria to the North, Iraq to the East, Saudi Arabia to the South and the West Bank to the West.

Jordan has a long and recognized legacy of political stability and is dubbed as the safe haven of the region.

Jordan is a USD 42.3 billion economy with a strong backbone of infrastructure pioneered by a robust services sector.

Jordan enjoys strong legal, financial and institutional assets that are ready to capture any opportunities.

The country is utilizing its human capital resources in sectors such as Information and Communication Technology (“ICT”), medicine and pharmaceuticals.

key highlights of Jordan’s economy as of December 2018
  • Population of 10.3 million
  • USD 42,291 million Gross Domestic Product
  • 2.7 million refugees
  • Jordan’s population is skewed towards a younger age group, whereby 70.00% represent 0-29 year old individuals. Source: Human Development Report 2019, UNDP, Department of Statistics 2019

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