The ministry of digital economy Entrepreneurship presents the draft Jordanian strategy for artificial intelligence and its implementation plan 2023-2027 for public consultation

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) presented the draft of the Jordanian strategy for artificial intelligence and its implementation plan 2023-2027 (the strategy), which was prepared in cooperation with the United Nations Economic and Social Committee (ESCWA), the European Union (EU) and the United Nations for Industrial Development  Organization(UNIDO). Moreover, in consultation with the relevant stakeholder from the public and private sectors, the academic, security and civil society for the public consultation, starting from 8/7/2022 and for a period of one month.

MoDEE said that the preparation of the strategy- that presented on the ministry’s website and social media platforms- was prepared based on the recommendations of the Jordanian Artificial Intelligence policy 2020. Which requires developing a general strategic framework to activate artificial intelligence in all priority sectors, and find a road map with a specific period for the implementation plan.

MoDEE explained that the strategy contains a clear vision that aspires to elevate Jordan to be one of the leading countries at the regional level in artificial intelligence by creating a legislative, technological and entrepreneurial Eco-system that attracts investment in artificial intelligence. In addition to exploit the supporting national system such as efficient Jordanian human resources, and digital infrastructure to adopt the artificial intelligence techniques, which leads to contribute, supporting the national economy.

MoDEE confirmed that the five main objectives of the strategy focused on developing supporting Artificial Intelligence system through capacity building, developing Jordanian skills and expertise, encouraging scientific research and development, enhancing the investment and entrepreneurship environment and ensuring the legislative and regulatory environment that supports safe employment of Artificial Intelligence. While the fifth goal focused on applying Artificial Intelligence tools to raise the efficiency of the public sector with focus on priority sectors.

Because data have a great importance and indispensable possibility in finding, developing and adopting solutions based on artificial intelligence, a chapter has been included in the strategy explaining the importance and role of data in achieving economic development, improving government performance, and supporting decision-making processes based on analyzes and predictions resulting from systems Artificial intelligence.