NCC received about 4 million calls and inquiries last year

NCC received about 4 million calls and inquiries last year 

During the past year, the National Contact Center received about 4 million calls and inquiries, including 3597857 incoming calls, 16,239 outgoing calls, 88,886 short messages, 3,019 emails, and 128,756 automated responses. 

According to the data of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, today, Sunday, the National Contact Center, which operates according to the best technical and security specifications, provides a service to respond to inquiries, complaints and suggestions of the public and beneficiaries of e-government transactions, and serves all citizens, residents, businessmen and government institutions benefiting from electronic services. 

It also provides its services that related to a group of 43 government institutions and departments, and the most prominent is a platform "comبخدمت", the Greater Amman Municipality, the ministries of labor, industry, trade, justice and health, the National Aid Fund, social security, and other government institutions. 

The ministry clarified that the center's communication channels are via phone 065008080, e-mail, sending service on the e-government portal, and SMS. 

The center, through the various communication channels which were provided by the ministry to communicate and interact with service recipients, played an effective and exceptional role in dealing with the Corona crisis since its appearance.