Youth, Technology, & Jobs Project

Youth, Technology, & Jobs Project

aims to improve digitally enabled  income opportunities and expand digitized government services in Jordan. it will build an impetus for private sector-led growth of the digital economy and make interventions to address specific constraints in the supply and demand sides of the economy.  


The project will provide digital professional programs to develop the skills of 30,000 youth  and women,

provide a curriculum for digital skills in public schools from grades seven to twelve, and rovide working spaces in underserved communities through Tech Hubs.


The project will upport the expansion and access to market for digital firms and digital platforms. Provide incentive packages to support the growth plans of digital firms in underserved communities to help build and scale their activities and generate local job opportunities. Provide access to income opportunities in various tech and non-tech economic activities for individuals in the gig economy.

YTJ will support activities designed to improve access to and quality of selected e-government services, and improve quality and cost efficiency of service. It will also support the government commitment to advance penetration of digital payments in Jordan supporting e-payments for all applicable government services.

The project offers to create 10,000 new jobs youth in the next five years, including women (30%) and Syrian refugees active in the areas of digital freelance work (15%). It also aims to digitize more than 80% of government payment transactions and attract about $ 20 million in new investments from the private sector for digital services.  


Benefiting entities/ implementing partners/ beneficiary/ anyone may submit grievances related to the Youth Technology and Jobs(YTJ) project to the PMU when:

a.    They feel there is an obstacle that they are not able to overcome despite several solutions and trials put into action from their side

b.    They feel that a certain process under YTJ is not fair

c.    They feel that a certain process under YTJ was not implemented as planned or as announced

d.   They are lacking enough resources to perform their agreed on duties, as a result of unexpected circumstances, external decisions, additional requests by YTJ that were not part of the signed agreement, etc)

e.    PMU, World bank, MODEE  authority is needed to be able to achieve certain goals under YTJ

You can reach us by sending an email to or alternatively texting the following number: +962776317207, and one of the team members will get in touch with you