The National Incubation Program

The National Incubation Program

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship has transformed 40 knowledge stations into incubators in all governorates of the Kingdom, where there are currently about 3-4 incubators in each governorate, in order to make it possible for creative entrepreneurial youth to benefit from incubation services and develop their creative ideas wherever they are.

The Program aims to:

Benefiting from the infrastructure of the stations to provide incubation services instead of providing only training in the field of information technology.


Supporting entrepreneurial thinking among members of the local community by attracting, incubating and caring for entrepreneurs.


Providing the necessary support for entrepreneurs from the governorates to transfer their ideas to creative projects.


Reducing the barriers for entrepreneurs to start creating their business and examine their ideas and transfer them to the advanced stage

Services provided within the program:

Workspace for entrepreneurs by providing the infrastructure (offices / internet, computers, printers ...).

Benefiting from HR services and job advertisements for entrepreneurs through ZenHR.

Benefiting from networking and training services for entrepreneurs through the Start Gate platform

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