The "Facilitating Entrepreneurial and startup Businesses" initiative

The "Facilitating Entrepreneurial and startup Businesses" initiative

The Ministry, in cooperation with the Jordanian Strategies Forum and members of the J-core program, launched this initiative. A policy paper was prepared for entrepreneurial and startup companies with the aim of empowering entrepreneurial and startup companies and enhancing their growth opportunities and competitive strength.

Where the policy paper focused on the proposal to amend many laws, regulations and instructions for the purpose of overcoming obstacles and difficulties facing startup and entrepreneurial companies starting from the stage of legal registration in front of the Companies Control Department, through ministries, departments, official bodies, banks, and the stage of communication on licenses for professions and the facility's submission to social security and the difficulties experienced by these Companies in terms of attracting foreign labor and foreign financing.

The Ministry has communicated with all concerned authorities to amend the laws mentioned in the paper, including the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Companies Control Department, the Amman Municipality and others, by holding several meetings and correspondence.

Where a number of these amendments have been implemented, and is still working to follow up on all proposed amendments.


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