MODEE presents the draft of the national charter on the ethics of (AI) for general consultation.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship has presented the draft of the National Charter for the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence for general consultation with partners and stakeholders, which was prepared by a specialized technical committee of experts in the public and private sectors, civil society, academics and interested parties chaired by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, in implementation of the provisions of the Jordanian Artificial Intelligence Policy 2020  Which emphasizes the need to put in place national regulatory frameworks to ensure the responsible use of artificial intelligence .

The draft is presented national on the official website of the ministry and private social media platforms, in order to ensure the partnership between all relevant institutions in all sectors and those interested and concerned in the field of artificial intelligence in the Kingdom, where the ministry identified on Tuesday  Corresponding to 1/3/2022, a deadline for receiving comments and suggestions about the charter from interested parties, in order to proceed with the procedures for approval by the Council of Ministers.